Have a questions?Frequently Asked Questions

How can i become a member at Ed 'n Bills Candy Co?

Want to sign up (19+ only)? Click here. You’ll have to enter your desired username, email and password.

  1. After signup, you’ll receive an email to confirm ownership of email.
  2. You can then login.
  3. Be sure to enter your complete credentials such as your name, Canadian billing address and Canadian shipping address. Note that you cannot make an order without those credentials.
    We’d like to guarantee that you’re 19+ of age. So, if it’s your first time to order (we’ll receive it), you’ll hear from us thru email requiring you to reply and submit to us, thru the same email, your scanned government issued photo ID. We only accept the following:  Driver’s License, Citizenship Card or Passport.

Is it safe?

100% – all of our products are lab tested to guarantee safety and quality.

Do you ship your products outside of Canada?

At this time, we do not ship products outside of Canada.

Am I allowed to pick up my order?

No, this is a mail order product.