History of Kush

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Many use the term Kush to describe high-quality and premium weed. Kush may also be used as another name for marijuana or cannabis. But, where does kush come from? What is the definition of kush weed?

Kush is a cannabis indica strain that originated from the Hindu Kush mountains near the western part of the Himalayas. Hence, the name kush. This region spans throughout the Afghanistan-Pakistan border and is one of the few geographical regions where the original landrace indica plants flourished. Landrace strains are known to be able to grow and flourish anywhere. The common kush plant on the market nowadays is most likely a hybrid from the original Hindu Kush plant. These plants are successfully grown across the world now due to their ability to adapt and survive in colder and harsher environments. They can flourish with moderate watering and deliver heavier yields with plants growing to a manageable height.

The meaning or characteristic of kush strains is defined by their appearance, smell, flavour, and effects. Leaves are generally deep green in colour with hints of purple. Pistils or hairs are slightly orange, bronze, or rust. The plants are thick and generate buds that are dense, chunky, and knotted. The aroma can range from earthy, floral, pungent, pine, incense, pepper, citrus, gas, sweet fruit, and hash spice. Smoke or vapour is smooth with a taste of flower, grape, diesel, citrus, and/or earth. Pleasing effects are typically intense and sedative followed by joy. However, these effects may vary among different strains depending on their genetics. Strains with greater indica presence are frequently recommended for people with insomnia.

There are a variety of strains with “kush” in their names in the market. However, the most popular strain out of the top 10 is OG kush. OG kush has an earthy, pine, and woody flavour that brings about a highly relaxed, happy, and euphoric feeling coupled with powerful sedation. This highly popular strain is listed as indica, but many argue that it’s sativa. The exact lineage cannot be clearly defined as its complete genetics is unknown.

Other popular strains include Bubba Kush, Purple Kush, Purple OG Kush, Skywalker OG, Super Kush, Alien Kush, Kosher Kush, Pineapple and Master Kush. Bubba Kush is known for its intense sedative effects that are coupled with an increase in appetite (also known as the munchies). Purple kush is purple in colour and delivers sleepy effects with its earthy and grapey flavour. Skywalker OG is a hybrid with fruity and diesel flavours. The initial happy and relaxing effects are followed by a calm sleepy ending. Master Kush also delivers a sleepy, happy, and relaxing mental effect.

The strain with the highest level of THC belongs to Ghost Kush. However, the favourable balance between cannabinoids and terpenes is a key factor in determining which kush strain is the best.


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