How to Make a Pipe at Home

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Ednbills Homemade Pipe
If you are new to smoking marijuana or a veteran in consuming cannabis, there may come a time that you have simply forgotten or misplaced your smoking device. We have some answers to your sticky situation. Your DIY pipe creation may not be as elaborate as the professional tools on the market. However, with our guidance and your determination, you can put together a homemade weed pipe and bong in the comfort of your home. Making DIY smoking pipes at home has never been easier!

A Pop Can

You will need a standard pop can and a sharp object to cut the aluminium. Start by making a dent on one side of the pop can by pressing your thumb down. This results in a bowl-like shape. Pierce 8-10 small holes in the bowl with the sharp object. The holes should allow air to flow freely through without letting the product drop in when the air is sucked through the mouthpiece. You do not want to be inhaling ashes. Make another larger hole on top the can for better ventilation. Place your weed in the bowl and your pipe is ready for use!

Pen Pipe

Pen pipes are very easy to make. Choose a pen that has a metal writing tip that can be screwed off. Pull out the top part of the pen and the attached ink centre. The resulting part that you will need is the plastic tube. Melt the bottom part of the tube and quickly attach the pointy part of the metal writing tip on to the melted plastic. The hot plastic should glue the tip on and results in a small bowl to put your weed in. Refill the weed as necessary as it is consumed and becomes ash. You just successfully made your own smoking pipe for weed!

Water Bottle Bong

The standard plastic water bottle size of 16.9 is a great choice for making your weed bong at home. Leaving some water inside the bottle helps weigh the bottle down and makes it stand upright. This a personal preference and is not necessary for the bong to work. Remove the lid as this area will be covered with aluminium foil to make a bowl. The bowl will be approximately 5cm by 5cm. The thick and heavy foil will serve as the best bowls for weed to sit in. Make sure your foil is large enough to cover the mouth of the bottle and folds over the edges. Cover the top of the bottle with the foil and make a bowl on top by pressing your thumb down. Press down gently to avoid breaking the aluminium. Poke 5 or 6 holes in the foil. Your weed will sit on top of these holes later on. The next step involves poking a hole on the side of your bottle. Poke a small hole above the label area. Your mouth will be placed in this area. Make the side hole bigger by using a pair of scissors. Your bong is ready to use! Place some weed on top of the bowl and your mouth over the side hole. Light up the herb and inhale the smoke as it fills up in the bottle.

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