Uses, Benefits and Side-Effects of Edibles

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medical cannabis edibles
There are so many delivery methods that encompass marijuana edibles. For those looking to experience the therapeutic effects of CBD and THC in conveniently and discretely, go with edibles. Research has shown that edible marijuana can reduce vomiting in chemotherapy patients, allay nausea among AIDS patients, and treat chronic pain, spasticity and arthritis. People have packaged edibles in lozenges, brownies, candies and cookies.

What are the Uses of Edibles?

Medical marijuana dispensaries offer chocolates, brownies, gummies, lollipops, snakcs and truffles, as well as flavored drinks, teas, coffees and colas. We are even seeing new innovations like coated marshmallows, macaroons, fruit snacks and flavored nuts, and new ideas and names are being constantly conceptualized. Edibles are making a difference in medical marijuana dispensaries, especially with its color and celebrity endorsements.

Cannabis can easily be infused in almost any kind of edible substance. Being oil-soluble, it can easily be used like butter in recipes, oils to easily combine with ingredients, and tinctures to apply topically and under the tongue. In all its forms, marijuana edibles are able to please casual users and – at the same time – help incapacitated medical patients under the care of caregivers.

What are the Benefits of Edibles?

Smoking marijuana leaches the cannabinoids via the lungs and right into the bloodstream, giving an almost immediate effect. On the other hand, when cannabis is ingested, it will have to go through several levels. First, it gets to the gastrointestinal system and then processed in the liver to a much stronger compound. So while it takes longer to notice the effects when cannabis is injected, the effects are stronger.

Eating cannabis also spares your lungs from the harsh toxins that you can inhale when you smoke it. This method is a great choice for people who cannot smoke because of an illness or simply do not like to smoke. Those looking to experience the benefit of marijuana can consume it discretely in the form of protein bars, candies or beverages, and it does not have to mess up their focus or workday.

What are the Side Effects of Edibles?

First timers need to practice caution when trying out edibles. Consuming too much too quickly can lead to overdosing. This is why it is important to carefully shop for packaged products, making sure that it contains the richness and ratio of CBD and THC. As you get comfortable with it, you can start to build on your dose to your liking. Remember to only eat portions that your body can tolerate to avoid its side effects.

How ever consumed, cannabis offers so many pleasures to its users. With marijuana legalization making its way to an increasing number of states and countries, we are also seeing the stigma surrounding it being blown away. In no time, we will see recreational users and medical patients all the same enjoying the benefits of edible marijuana. You just have to learn how to buy and where to buy the right products that suit your specific needs.


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