Is Weed-Infused Beer Actually a Thing?

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Weed Beer
If you’ve been keeping up with the news of legalization and new advancements in cannabis products, you might have heard of this new, miraculous thing called weed beer.

THC-infused drinks and specifically THC-infused beer are currently in the process of being experimented on by big companies like Molson Coors.

That’s not surprising, given that beer sales (sorry, Bud Light, Budweiser, and Heineken) have been dropping steadily over the past few years. So brace yourself: in a year or two, Coors Light just might go through a big rebrand.

The idea is that unlike regular alcoholic beer, cannabis beer products won’t give you those undesirable side effects like, oh, nausea, throwing up, and wicked hangovers.

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a nice cannabis beer with all of the fun and none of the less-fun after-effects?

Oh, and Did We Mention CBD-infused Foods?

Other than CBD-infused beverages, did you know that there are CBD-infused meals too? Really, it was only a matter of time before the health benefits of CBD starting cocktail and food menus across the globe.

Introducing: The James New York NoMad in New York. Yes, it is a hotel. But what’s special about this particular hotel is that it has a cannabis chef who’s created a CBD-infused room service menu. From tater tots to spicy meatballs, its soothing everyday comfort foods are delivered straight to your room.

These are definitely not your typical weed gummies and brownies. (Though there’s nothing wrong with those either.)

And if you thought that was fancy, Zenbarn a rustic restaurant in Vermont, serves up five-course meals with—you guessed it—CBD. Bonus: your meal will be accompanied by local craft beers too. You’ve got full-on burgers, salads, and desserts, all infused with CBD.

Whether lawmakers like it or not, chefs around the world are creating sophisticated, delicious menus centred around cannabis. And with the laws loosening up (especially in the United States), CBD-infused food is only going to get bigger. But for now, you’ll have to visit a weed-friendly state if you’re pining for a weed brew in America. Or just come to Canada.

A Few Beer Brands to Look Out For

From established brands to small craft breweries, alcoholic beer companies are making moves. Cannabis beverages are an inevitability at this point, and some companies that you just might have heard of are either buying up weed companies, getting into joint ventures with them, or contracting work with cannabis brands to create CBD and THC-infused drinks.

Lagunitas, for example, is Heineken’s California-based (of course) beer brand, which calls its newest creation “hoppy sparkling water”—no alcohol, but it has THC, which will get you buzzed. If you’re looking for a more… medicinal kind of impact, Lagunitas comes with CBD only as well. Unfortunately, you’ll only be able to find it in California for now.

Another weed brand is Ceria Beverages, which is based in Colorado. It makes craft beers infused with THC, and its first product will contain “five milligrams of THC (a standard amount for edibles like gummies) per 10-ounce bottle.”

If you’re a true enthusiast, you might be more likely a fan of smaller breweries coming out with CBD drinks than the big established beer brands. “Craft brewing and marijuana have always been very closely connected,” said Tony Magee, Lagunitas’ founder and chairman. “There’s something about craft brewing that’s essentially part of the counterculture.”

Here are just a few of these beer brands (both big and small) to keep an eye out for in the next little while for your cannabis beer fix:
  • Corona
  • Molson Coors
  • Coalition Brewing (based in Portland)
  • Heineken
  • Diageo (you probably don’t know this name, but you will most likely recognize Smirnoff and Johnny Walker—right?)

How to Make Weed Beer

Sure, you might have a friend or five who’s really into making beer at home. But making weed beer—or infusing a beer with THC and CBD oils—is easier said than done.

The basics of how to brew your own cannabis-infused beer:
  1. First, you need a starchy grain like barley. Turn it into “sugar,” also known as wort.
  2. Add the wort to your yeast. Oh yeah, you have yeast lying around, right?
  3. Now, it’s time for science to work its magic. The yeast contains enzymes that will turn the sugar into a higher-grade substance.
  4. Add hops and cannabis for a unique flavour.
  5. Because both cannabis and hops have antibacterial traits, either (or both) will help the yeast along during the brewing process. In other words, you can either replace the hops with weed or use both as you’re brewing.

So that’s the general idea of how to make your own weed beer. If you’re looking for more extensive step-by-step instructions, check this guide out—it’ll also teach you how to prep your weed to make the beer (yes, cannabis needs to be prepped… extensively), how much time each step takes, how exactly to brew the beer, and so on.

Smoking Weed While Drinking Beer

Is it good for you? Is it bad? Is it even enjoyable?

Well, reports so far have been (somewhat unhelpfully) mixed. Before you even think about looking for the best beer with weed, let’s look at how mixing weed and beer affects the body.

For certain very lucky people, mixing these two drugs creates a crossfade, which is a very pleasant, chill high. But these are for very few people.

According to Scott Lukas, a professor of psychiatry and pharmacology at Harvard Medical School, smoking weed “activates your body’s cannabinoid 2 receptors (CB2), which can affect how quickly your body absorbs alcohol.”

Specifically, this means that if you consume cannabis first, then drink alcohol, THC can slow down how quickly your body absorbs alcohol. Which is fine—but if you drink first and then consume cannabis, it could put you out of action for a few hours because alcohol actually expands your blood vessels and increases how much cannabis your body takes in.


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